Best Android Apps For Tablets

Mary asks…

ipod touch 4g or android tablet?

for my birthday i want a cool media device with apps. i can either get the ipod touch 4g or the velocity micro r101 cruz android tablet. ive never heard of this brand and that worries me because i dont wanna spend a ton of money on crap. but i already have the ipod nano 5g that i got about a year and a half ago. what do you think would be the best buy. the ipod is more but i think it might be of a little better quality?? opinions??

sandwalker answers:

Android tablet is best app than ipod touch so i will tell you you can buy android tablet and i have a point for you you will get some idea and put it in this web and get money

John asks…

whitch tablet is best for education?

my siser is going to colladge and she wants to hawe a tablet so she can use it to write notes and other stuf so i’m chekin before she buys whitch is the best 1 for education (she wants word or something similar to write on to take notes) i’d like to suggest 1 with android cous it has so many god damn apps hehe so what do u ppl think i shoult tell her to buy tnx for help

sandwalker answers:

IPad, if she mostly uses internet and/or is satisfied with built-in apps. $400 for a 1st generation too.

Android, if she’s into tweaking, customizing, or developing apps. Not as easy to use as an iPad, but more capable.

Windows 7 tablet PC, if she wants a “real” computer but with a touchscreen/pen. There’s a lot of those available, i.e. HP Slate, HP TouchSmart convertible laptop/tablet, Lenovo x61.

Robert asks…

Which internet device is best?

I am confused between three choices.
1) Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant (unlocked)
2) Android Tablet (if this, then which one)
3) iPad
4) Dell Streak (What do you think of this tablet)?
5) Nokia N900 (I can install Android Gingerbread and it has a keyboard, which is nice)

My main use will be internet browsing, twitter, blog, maybe office word, excel apps., email. If I get the Samsung Vibrant, I won’t use it as a phone but as an internet tablet, and the only reason for mentioning it is that I can upgrade it to Android 2.2 and make it lightning fast compared with other devices. Please help me decide…


sandwalker answers:

1) Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant (unlocked) is best Phone.

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