Samsung Galaxy S2

Mandy asks…

when will the white Samsung galaxy s2 come to the US?

I really want this phone in white but I don’t know when it will come to the US. Can anybody help me?

sandwalker answers:

Yep. Samsung Galaxy S2 White launch in US next month.

Helen asks…

How do I check the battery life on a Samsung Galaxy S2?

There are so many icons but I don’t know which one I should go to check the battery life.
I tried Settings but can’t find anything.

Pls advise the steps to check battery life. Thanks.

sandwalker answers:

Settings -> About Phone -> Battery Use. Or you can download a neat widget from the market, its called battery life. It’s a widget that gives you your batter life in % as well as the temperature of the phone and its voltage.

James asks…

where can i buy samsung galaxy s2 screen protector in singapore?

cant find one in m1shop where i can my phone. I am not going to order online and get it thru overseas shipment, i hate waiting. thx. Please list down the exact shop and the location thx.

sandwalker answers:

You can get it online from ebay or amazon.

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