Your Questions About Apps For Android Phones Phone Tracking

Charles asks…

i lost my htc desire android phone and don’t have any apps for tracking. Can i use the maps app to locate it?

Telus is telling me that i don’t have any options because there’s no gps navigator system- how can a $600 phone not have a built-in tracking system??? There’s a map app that gives the exact location as you are traveling. I have tried everything- even ‘plan b’ (this is the app you download AFTER you’ve lost your phone. And i have texted ‘locate’ to the phone from another phone. No results yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. and…the phone is dead- needs to be recharged. the message system is working so i am holding out hope that i’ll find it.

sandwalker answers:

Some users are saying it can take upto ten hours to receive a text back.
Hope you find the phone.

Helen asks…

Whats are some good FREE apps that help you track your phone when lost and protect your security for android?

What’s a good app to track your android if lost and sends a message or makes it ring or something
also, what’s a good app that helps you that optimises your phone and runs scans for viruses and spyware and stuff? And it has to be free. Thank you!

sandwalker answers:

“Where’s my droid”- never lose your phone again, just send it your attention word and the volume maxes out and even receive its location on gps

“Auto memory manager” helps prevent your phone from slowing down by automatically killing apps not in use.

Battery Dr.” increases battery life up to 30%

“AVGantivirus” acans your phone for malware

Mandy asks…

Good money/finance tracking apps for Android?

I have started saving recently and wanted to list everything I spend money on as I buy it. As pen and paper is a bit of a hassle and I always have my phone is there any good apps for Android that can help me input bought items and their prices or finance managing apps?

sandwalker answers:

I can help you with that, contacto me and i’ll explain it all

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