Your Questions About Best Android Apps

William asks…

What are the best Android apps?

Well I just bought an HTC Evo 4G and I am in need of pimping it out. What I am asking for is some really good Android apps, free or not, but preferably free.

Thanks. Person who suggests the best app wins 10points .

sandwalker answers:

astro file explorer
Wifi tethering (must have root)
custom rom (must have root)
ADW Launcher

John asks…

What are the best Android apps for HTC?

I just got the HTC evo with Sprint service, what are some good apps to have?

sandwalker answers:

I als just got the evo well about 3months phone EVER!!!!! Anyway i have the handcent app which is a texting app.

Sharon asks…

What are the Best Android Apps?

What are your best Android Apps.

Whats the Name of it and What does it do?

sandwalker answers:


Tip Big is the simplest tip calculator on the market.

Percent Off is a price calculator for calculating sale price of items on sale. This tool calculates the price of on-sale items for a given sale offer.

Unit Cost is a price calculator for calculating unit price of items bases on size. It can be used to calculate compare items of different size to determine the better deal.

Size Chart – Gift List stores different clothing sizes for the people on your gift list. This app stores shirt, shoe, suit, pants, coat, bra, and dress sizes.

Quick Grader is an easy to use grading tool for teachers. This tool helps school teachers with the repetitive task of grading student exams, tests or homeworks.

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