Your Questions About Galaxy S2

Thomas asks…

Is the Samsung Galaxy S2 good enough to be used as a primary music player?

I want to know if the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone is good enough to be used as a primary music player. I want to know if it:
- Syncs with a Mac computer smoothly
- Has good sound output
- If you can transfer your iTunes library over to the phone
- If you can add podcasts quickly

Is this music and multimedia experience on the Galaxy S2 comparable to the iPhone?

Any other notes on the Samsung Galaxy S2 are also very much appreciated.

Thanks very much!

sandwalker answers:

- i dont know about macs..
-it has amazing sound!!
-You can transfer music using android wifi managerr!! (by dragging and dropping from itunes)
-Im not sure about podcasts!

Its a music player! You can even download an app which is free! And download free music! Its awesome i would recomend this phone as a music playerr!

Mary asks…

What is the expected price of the samsung galaxy s2 when it releases in india?

When is the new samsung galaxy s2 going to release in India! If so,what will be the price of the same when it releases???

Expert opinions plz!

sandwalker answers:

Samsung Galaxy S2 Release Dates
UK will be shipping late March-April
Asia release is in 2011 on par with Europe release Q2 2011
Switzerland release is in May 2011
Denmark release is in May 2011 TBD
U.S. Release is in April 2011 TBD

David asks…

How to stop my Galaxy S2 saying the number when receiving a text?

I let my younger cousin play with my Samsung Galaxy S2 and now every time I receive a text it says the number and it is extremely annoying! If it was their name it would not be so bad and I can’t find out where to change it back.

sandwalker answers:

Go into menu / settings / accessibility and turn off the “talkback”

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