Your Questions About Htc Smartphones Sprint

Daniel asks…

Best smartphones of them all “Sprint”?

I need to know between “Blackberry Tour, Palm Pre, Palm Pro, and Htc Touch Pro.” Which would be better for business and reliable and more user friendly interface.

sandwalker answers:

The Tour is probably your best bet. Blackberry’s OS is easy to use and very secure plus there’s thousands of apps. Pre’s OS has a long learning curve and poor battery and little apps. However once you learn it, it can do a lot more then the Tour. HTC Touch Pro has a very nice keyboard but not as easy to use as the Blackberry. The Palm Pro is inferior to the HTC Touch in a lot of ways.

Thomas asks…

what smartphones have the same capability as iphones?

i know an iphone can do alot, but i hate how att has been treating me, so i want to switch. but i still want a phone with apps, games, music and movies, plus a non touch screen keyboard. also a phone with an ereader capability. any suggestions? i like the new htc evo for sprint, but i dont know if it can do ereader stuff or play movies like an iphone can using itunes to dl them

sandwalker answers:

Just get any HTC phone way better then an iphone cheaper in the long run too, I recommend the HTC Evo

Carol asks…

Best Sprint Phone Right Now?

I’m 12 years old living in LA, California. I’m going to get a Sprint phone in the summer this year.
I “need” a phone that:
- is touch screen
- has a good appearance/insides
- easy to use
- Twitter / Facebook app

I “want” a phone that:
- has a physical keyboard

It can be a smartphone, by the way. :)

I was thinking about the Palm Pre, but I think the keyboard’s too small, but I’ll think about it again.
But recently, I have been thinking about the HTC Touch Pro2. But it’s so expensive.
Do you think it’s normal for a 12 year old girl to get a Pre or HTC (smartphones)?

Also, does the HTC Touch Pro2 / Palm Pre have a Twitter application? :)

So what’s the best Sprint phone that’s out right now with the “needs” and preferably the “wants”.

Main Questions:
1) What do you think about the 12 year olds having smartphones?
2) Does the HTC Touch Pro2 have a Twitter app?
3) What’s the battery life of the HTC Touch Pro2?
4) What’s the best phone in your opinion (Sprint) that does NOT need to match my requirements?
5) What’s the best smartphone in your opinion (Sprint)?

Thanks. :)

sandwalker answers:

Go with the Pre you will like it better.

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